Thursday, December 13, 2012


Regrets can last forever
Decisions may be wrong
Taking this road together
The love is ever strong


Sitting in bed and filled with despair
I gazed through the window into the air
One bright moment made me well-aware
There’s no one as fine, no one to compare.

Endless nights I’m busy staring at ceilings
Uninterrupted days in which I walk with mixed feelings
Hours sail by, and life has no meaning
The doctor won’t come though it’s time for a healing.

Sometimes in life when you've reached rock bottom
It seems there’s no summer, just winter and autumn

Lift up your head, even though you feel broken
Get on with your life, a wise man has spoken.

Friday, January 20, 2012


I can swim through seas,
I can float through skies.
I can lose my keys,
but can''t delete my Hyves.

I can go to bars,
I can drink some wine.
I can wreck some cars,
but can''t go home in time.

I can buy new shoes,
I can buy new stash.
I can buy some booze,
but I can't save cash.

I could rattle on,
or decide to quit.
This poem's not too long,
cause I gotta take a ****!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


...And then she saw light,
she as pretty as heaven.
Her face beautifully bright,
she made my 2011.

My sister gave birth,
and then we all smiled.
A miracle on earth,
this new-born child.

She still thinks in the moment,
she cannot feel sad.
She hasn't got no opponent,
there's no good or bad...

She's as light as a feather,
she can't do no wrong.
This world would be better,
if we all stayed young.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Depression is when all alone on a field
Depression is when you would like to be healed
Depression is when all bad thoughts are revealed
Depression is when my lips want to be sealed

Depression is when the tunnel doesn't end
Depression is food with a dark bittered blend
Depression is no one who lends you a hand
Depression is myself as my only friend

Depression is when there's a tear in my eye
Depression is when I do not even try
Depression is when I just can't help the sigh
Fuck depression
I don't want to cry

Monday, August 8, 2011


Mountains mixed with sea
sun centred up high
Beneath a palm tree
I can't help a sigh

Girls all around
sea brightly blue
Happiness found
thinking of you

A beautiful place
surrounds only me
Counting down the days
till it's you I see

I know you'll be waiting
and I know it sounds wack
My love is no fading
I'll be glad to go back <3

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Maze in my Mind

Narrowed paths and
dead- end roads
Stuck in the middle
don't know where to go

Caught inside walls
of my own maze
I was waiting for rescue
and counting my days

Someone approaches
and stands beside
"To stay or to go,
for you to decide"

I lifted the body
and then we succeeded
Finding the exit
was all I really needed

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Becoming a Jackal

The most familiar room
Every implement was leading to you
And your homely sense of dissaray
Never once the same
Always rearranged
But things would never change
In the seam between the window frame
Where the jackals preyed on every soul
Where they tied you to a pole
And stripped you of your clothes

I was a dreamer
Staring at windows
Out onto the main street
Cause that's where the dream goes

And each time they found fresh meat to chew
I would turn away and return to you
You would offer me your unmade bed
Feed me till I'm fed
And read me till I'm read
But when the morning came
You would catch me at the window again
In an eyes wide open sleeping state
Staring into space
With no look upon my face

I was a dreamer
Staring at windows
Out onto the main street
Cause that's where the dream goes

And when I got older
When I grew older
Out onto the streets I flew
Released from your shackles
I danced with the Jackals
And learned a new way to move
So before you take this song as truth
You should wonder what I'm taking from you
How I benefit from you being here
Lending me your ears
While I'm selling you my fears

I was a dreamer
(I'm selling you my fears)
Staring at windows
(I'm selling you my fears)
Out onto the main street
(I'm selling you my fears)
Cause that's where the dream goes
(I'm selling you...)

I was a dreamer
Staring at windows
Out onto the main street
Cause that's where the dream goes

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hold On

Falling in love is easy with you
it’s easy writing your lover a card

It’s easy to put her into your heart
but what when you don’t know what to do?

You shouldn’t leave her, it wouldn’t be smart

Falling in love is easy to do                                                                       
a love is often easy to start       

But after a while it can be quite hard                                                    
and what if you do not have any clue?  

Think twice, before you rip it apart          

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Wings

My mind was adrift,
when I woke up this morning
I was handed a gift,
and did not get a warning

You have given me wings,
I don't know how to use
I'm not made for these things,
I'm just made for my shoes

You should teach me one day,
then I will know how to fly
So I can go far away,
to my angel in the sky

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Down The Stream

I will buy you some icecream
I could take off your top
We can walk along the stream
till we reach the big drop

We should go swimming in the lake
let's see life at its best
Leaving you will be a mistake
without you I'm depressed

Your hair got wet, we had to wait
they will be mad, they always hate
It's not that bad, us being late
we're never sad, I call it fate


I felt like a mouse
trapped in a closed cage
I felt like a house
built in the wrong age

I felt like the ocean
unable to flow
I felt like a motion
with nowhere to go

I felt like a miner
but I couldn't find coal
I felt like a striker
but dídn't see the goal

With only one thing to do
I started looking for a knife
I'm so pleased to have you
cause you gave me back my life

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's go surfing

Blue mountains rising up behind,
sounds and bubbles coming close
I try quickly making up my mind:
"a layback or a hang ten nose"?

We are boosting now on nature's zip
this wave forces us to make a right
Me and my friend step into the drip
adrenaline rushes as we leave the height

High-fiving the tubes
thumbs and pinkies up high
Discussing some boobs
as our bodies get dry

"Let's catch some more
it's the perfect tide"!
So we leave shore
and problems behind...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Way You Are

You'd better stay who you are
cause I like you like this
You're my silver lined star
that gives everlasting bliss

You should remain the same
cause you're so very special
We're not playing a game
we should be really careful

Let's just live our lives
and keep living our own
Hoping this love survives
I don't want to be alone

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You, Me and Time

She cares about me
I care about her
This is meant to be
I am pretty sure

I want to hold you close
and never to let go
From your top till your toes
You're my favourite show

We should be together
just you, me and time
It only gets better
Everything feels fine

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Empty But Full

It's been a while since you left
but still I feel you close
They took my favourite rose
it's been a disgusting theft

Every day I'm thinking of you
together with me some more
We know what we're waiting for
we want to get back to you

Times change and so do we
moving on can be quite hard
Some of us deeply scarred
life isn't as it should be

Thoughts of you do make us proud
your smiles, your eyes
I'm the one who cries
who cries and cries way too loud

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New Drug

I've discovered a new drug
I want to post it on Twitter
It makes me want to hug
and doesn't even taste bitter

Nothing as sweet as this one
For you guys never to be known
Excuse me, sharing can't be done
I'd like to keep this for my own

It causes rollercoaster heartbeats
euphoria can't be denied
This feeling repeats and repeats
as long as it's on your side

I was recently given an overdose
but that bad trip didn't come
The doctor couldn't give a diagnose
unknowing where it came from

But I knew
And still do
And will do

Monday, March 21, 2011


Flowers waving in the air,
birds singing songs all day
Suddenly the sun is there
spring makes me feel okay

I fell in love in wintertime
forever since it's getting worse
It makes me feel so f****** fine
I just had to write this verse

Spring is you and you are spring
you're the one who shines my light
So curious what the future will bring
will you ever stay over the night?

The sun now quits her day job
red colours cover everything
It is time for me to stop
I like you and I like spring

Friday, March 18, 2011


When I feel like a mess
and rain falls from up high
Reduced will be my stress
so I look at the sky

Water touching my face
doesn't do me any harm
You may name it cold embrace
though to me it's pretty warm

The sun now shows her face again
a rainbow guides me where to go
In this world there should be no man
who looks down and ignores this show

A problem slides off my cheek
and turns right into a chance
Rain drops never make me weak
they make me want to advance

Thursday, March 17, 2011

This Red Rose

This red rose used to symbolize our love
Something of which it now is unworthy of
I took it for you and I've put it right here
unfortunately I'm not the one for you to endear
I knew it was hard and I knew all your doubts
I wasn't spared a secret, I knew all ins and outs
I understand you now, you want to be free
You told me as well that you're not blaming me

Though you know how I feel and you know what I want
yet staying right here is just something you can't
You've got to move on and I'll cause no delays
I will try and say no to any urge to a chase

You mentioned come- back twenty years after leaving  
the next time you will come I will no more be breathing
You did not, but I knew it right from the start,
you will forever possess most space in my heart

Crack- Up

Is there any place,
where all things feel pleasant
Is there any space,
or isn't there at present?

Is there any human,
to share and spend my days
Or is there a true ban,
on hoping in this case?

Is there any time,
to go and lock my dreams
Or is it really a crime,
to think about these themes?

Is there any grave,
for me to step inside
Or should I be a slave,
a slave of my own life?

Monday, March 14, 2011


That girl in the front
she doesn't say that much
Her her is dark blonde
I want to get in touch

She seems a bit shy
and avoids every chat
And if I walk by
it's my shoes she stares at

Today was my day
so I walked her home
I was hoping she'd say
"don't leave me alone"

She didn't make a sound
or say that or this
She just held my hand
and gave me that kiss

All of you know
I never tell a lie
Try taking it slow
all good things are shy

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mr. Dave

Once upon a time
lived a man in a cave
He had a big orange beard
and his name was Dave

He was happy out there
with his cigarettes and beer
He sometimes lit candles
to increase the atmosphere

"No need for a girl"!
Often echoed over the lake
"I have all I need"!
"For Jesus Christ's sake"!

When he turned a hundred years
some young boy wandered by
And he asked Mr. Dave:
"Wouldn't you like to die"?

Dave instantly died
handing over his beer
That young boy still lives
in world's best atmosphere...

Friday, March 11, 2011

For Once

Let white be black,
and black be white
Let light be dark,
and day be night

Let dreams be real,
and reality fiction
Let go what you feel,
there is no restriction

Every now and then,
switch it upside down
We could do it again,
let's spin all around

At Ease

There he is, sitting all alone,
invisible for everyone around
There he is, he starts to moan,
unable to stop the coming breakdown

In his turning swivel chair,
he can look anywhere he wants
Placed in the centre of the square,
he sees people chased by haunts

So many different lives,
the variety of destinations
Too many husbands and wives,
afraid to think of complications

They rush off to work,
or hurry back to families
They just tend to swirk,
bringing their own minds at ease

There he is, sitting all alone,
his swivel chair providing the view
There he is, he has slightly grown,
discovery makes him feel brand new

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I will deliver this with urgency
cause this is a fatal emergency
Finally the time is near
the end of times we can now fear

Love your loved ones just once more
before we'll pass the final door
Tomorrow is never to take place
so give away your last embrace

In black it's possible remaining white
in this dark possible to hold on tight
The bright light's about to suffer defeat
the night's sight is what we have to beat

Together we can destroy that darkness
and overcome death's evil markers
Let's all stand up to face the endeavour
if we kill hell we will live forever


I would like to drift the widest ocean
just to see how far I'd come
I would like to flow on this wave's motion
just to see where it all begun

Somewhere in the middle of the sea
I want to build a house on water
No one else but the birds and me
far away from all the others

One day I will send a letter
so you will be able to see
That being here is so much better
drift away, and come to me

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Hours To Kill

Use your powers
Use your skill
These are the hours
The hours to kill

Stay up at night
Till you hear a sound
Focus your sight
And stick to the ground

Hunt it down
Make it stay
Tear it in parts
Now eat your prey

Make a prayer
Before you eat
Wash your hands
And taste the meat

Predators we need
Let's not ignore
We've got childs to feed
Let's hunt some more

Use your powers
Use your skill
These are the hours
The hours to kill

Friday, February 25, 2011


I posed a question
my lips got closed
No words exposed
a late night session

The blankets warmed
your eyes deep-brown
The radio down
left us uninformed

An hour of silence
and touching hands
No need for plans
that's just our science

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Multicoloured Show

That spiral of time
where will I go
The world I design
a multicoloured show

Wild flowers and a wooden horse
mix behind a purple fence
Every note played by The Doors
suddenly makes a lot of sense

Walls of my room switching positions
the ceiling coming down at once
Thoughts are fighting and cause collisions
there is no escaping out of trance

In an atmosphere of harmony and peace
we give each other kisses and hugs
I just found out I've lost my keys
believe me people, I don't do drugs.....


Starving to death
or blessed with money
This place is sad
it's not that funny

No water at all
big screens and cars
Too skinny, too small
this world's too harsh

Diseases and pain
luck and shares
Time for champagne
cause nobody cares

Another Sunday

Open the window
let in the light
Open the window
let's go outside

Walk the pasture
crows that caw
Walk the pasture
feel the daw

Cross your bridges
one after another
Cross your bridges
then leave the water

Turn back home
let's get some rest
Turn back home
sundays are best

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Pearl

The city I live in
could be the best on earth
How would life have been
if someone else gave me birth

Glad to be where I am
instead of somewhere else
Gently talking to all of them
hearing those church bells

Far away I'd like to go some day
carrying the pearl deeply in my veins
For the record I would now like to say
forgetting the pearl causes chronical stains

To all born and raised in the pearl
I would like to give an advice
To whatever extent your life may swirl
coming back some day would be nice


When feeling bad
start walking
the wind'll brighten your day.

When feeling mad
stop talking
silence makes you feel okay.

Forget about memories
that carry black past,
and open the gates to tomorrow.

Make sure that
your life is a blast,
there's nothing worse than sorrow..

The One

The one you like
You should forget
The one of desire
The one of regret

The one to avoid
The one to date
The one you love
Is the one you hate

Stair Away

I would like to live
The moment will come
The moment forever
And on

How come
Time passed by
You did not tell
I would like to die

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Last Desire

A quick goodbye,
you left for a while
A quick goodbye,
you left with a smile

Happy and strong,
You'll be in my mind
It won't take long,
and all will be fine

Together we went,
through flames and fire
Together we'll go,
our final desire

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sorry To Those

Sorry to those
Who had to go

Sorry to those
Who were in pain

I'd like all of them to know
In the burning sun
I will only feel rain

The Stag

I once saw a mountain
slopes way too steep
I knew that if I'd fall
I'd fall way too deep

I reached the top
and planted my flag
I stood there forever
forever like a stag

A Simple Truth

I see your eyes
I hear your voice
It's the voice that sleeps
It's the eyes that speak


There wasn't a chance
to succeed at all
I tried to climb
but you made me fall

Fallen for you
I'd lost my mind
I wonder why
you gave me no sign